Flame Spray has a long history of utilizing R&D, and partnering with Academia and Industry on cutting edge developments, including:


To enable combustion of undiluted hydrogen-rich syngas with low NOx emissions and also allowing for high fuel flexibility. Flame Spray was involved as Industrial partner for the application of advanced ceramic coatings to protect Hot Gas path Turbine components



To increase the overall efficiency of coal fired supercritical boilers. Flame Spray task was to develop coatings that could withstand in the harsh conditions of Supercritical boilers



To develop innovative coating solutions for the Aerospace market. Flame Spray task was focused on the development of Low-K (low conductivity) ceramic coatings and advanced diffusion coatings (Pt-Al and Aluminide coatings)



To develop a new generation of transport technologies able to push innovation towards a cleaner and more efficient road transport, improving air quality with positive effects on both environment and human life – Flame Spray task was the application of novel coating solutions to reduce particle emissions of cars’ braking systems.



Flame Spray is actively involved in the CERBERO project, funded by the Ministry of Economic Development – CSEA – CASSA PER I SERVIZI ENERGETICI E AMBIENTALI – to improve the efficiency of external combustion micro-turbines, which are the most promising technology for ” carbon neutral “ fuel cogeneration.



To develop a new generation of pick-up resistant coatings for steel mill rolls. Flame Spray was actively involved in the design, development and application of coatings aimed to reduce the pickup mechanism in furnace rolls for Stell mills



To develop a new generation of corrosion resistant coatings to protect boiler’s tubes. Flame Spray was actively involved proposing the suitable coating to protect the pipes, focusing on diffusion coatings obtained by its proprietary GEL technology.


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