HVAF coating: thermal spray processes

Coatings sprayed by HVAF, in particular Carbide coatings, have superior characteristics in comparison with other thermal spray processes, including HVOF.

In particular they show the highest density, hardness, bond strength, and wear resistance (for carbides), in addition to excellent corrosion resistance (for metal coatings) and high thickness limits.

Flame Spray uses state of the art HVAF for both OD and ID (down to 80mm) applications requiring the best possible wear resistance.

What is HVAF coating?

HVAF stands for High-Velocity Air Fueling or High-Velocity Air-Fuel, and it generally refers to a thermal spray coating process. In this context, HVAF is a technology used for applying coatings to surfaces for various purposes, such as protection against wear, corrosion, or to enhance specific material properties.

In the HVAF process, a mixture of fuel and compressed air is ignited, creating a high-velocity flame. This flame is then directed at a substrate, and fine particles of coating material are injected into the flame. The high velocity of the flame accelerates these particles, causing them to impact and adhere to the substrate, forming a dense and well-bonded coating.

HVAF is known for producing coatings with excellent adhesion, low porosity, and high coating density. This method is used in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing, to enhance the performance and durability of components and equipment. The specific properties of the coatings can be tailored based on the material used and the application requirements.

hvaf coatings
High Velocity Air-Fuel coatings

Advantages of HVAF coating

As well as producing excellent bond strength, some HVAF coatings can be sprayed very thick due to the exceptionally high velocities producing coatings in compression instead of tension.

This enables materials such as carbide to be applied very quickly in excess of 6mm.


  • Wear resistant
  • Hot corrosion resistant
  • Hot oxidation resistant
  • Erosion resistant

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