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Our Technologically-driven mindset propels us to constantly introduce innovative coating solutions to the market. For us, intricate components with complex coatings are a daily challenge that lead us to advancements in technology.


We always research new technologies in the field and find inspiration in everything that surrounds us.


We can coat from one piece up to production run volumes, and lead times are in line with the customer’s expectations.


We use specific, cutting-edge tools and certified methods fully compliant with the quality standards.

Paper Mills coatings

Paper Mills


The uses and applications of paper and paper products are truly vast and new products are constantly being developed. We have set the standard of coating solutions for the paper industry to enhance the quality of product with increased productivity. Different processes within a mill can benefit from coating solutions.

We can perform thermal spray coating with a wide range of technologies on exceptionally large parts. Where distances and dimensions are restrictive we will support customer needs with on-site coatings worldwide. A team of Flame Spray’s expert technicians will coat the component and will assist in final machining.

Paper Mills treated components:

  • Press rolls
  • Suction rolls
  • Drying rolls
  • Calendar rolls
  • Yankee dryer rolls
  • Pope unwinders and converting rolls
  • Creping and coaters blades
Corrugating Rolls coatings

Corrugating Rolls


For more than 50 years BHS Corrugated has been working with the construction of corrugators and the manufacturing of corrugating rolls. Thanks to years of experience, BHS Corrugated is the world’s largest provider of solutions for the Corrugated Industry.

We are considered a strategic supplier of BHS Corrugated; for nearly 30 years Flame Spray has provided advanced coating solutions increasing the performance of corrugated rolls.

Based on our wealth of experience, and the strong business relationship, we have opened a shop inside BHS Corrugated Plant sited in Weiherhammer. Today, we can be considered more than a vendor, we are a global partner, following  and responding to customer needs..

Printing coatings



We are, again, a strategic partner in another complex market. For 30 years Flame Spray has provided thermal spray coatings and precision machining on anilox cylinders for the Simec Group. The winning strategy of a door-to-door shop has been a success to reach the most stringent requests of this market and today our experience in this field provides our market partner with the highest quality and efficiency in this industry.

Printing treated components:

  • Anilox sleeves
  • Anilox rolls
  • Printing rolls
  • Drum cylinders

Bring us your problems, our experience will provide the answers

We support and advise you in selecting the most suitable technology and materials to meet your specific needs.

Contact us now to have an engineer at your disposal, and together, we’ll find the solution to your biggest problems. We understand urgent, an engineer can be immediately available, call us, email us, and if necessary, you’ll have a proposal within 24 hours.

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