Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Hydraulic Turbines, Waste to Energy and Wind Turbines

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Our Technologically-driven mindset propels us to constantly introduce innovative coating solutions to the market. For us, intricate components with complexcoatings are a daily challenge that lead us to advancements in technology.


We always research new technologies in the field and find inspiration in everything that surrounds us.


We can coat from one piece up to production run volumes, and lead times are in line with the customer’s expectations.


We use specific, cutting-edge tools and certified methods fully compliant with the quality standards.

Hydraulic Turbines

Hydraulic Turbines


Hydro power is the most used renewable energy source around the world.

When compared with burning fossil fuels, hydro power essentially produces no harmful emissions. However, hydro turbines components may be subjected to significant wear or erosion due to the high sediment content of the water used to generate power.

We have experience providing a wide range of solutions to extend the life of these components, giving higher energy efficiency, and increasing the reliable service life of key components.

Hydraulic turbines treated components:


  • Runners
  • Seat rings
  • Needle valves
  • Deflectors
  • Shaft bearing areas
  • Seat ring holders


  • Runners
  • Blades
  • Guide vanes
  • Facing plates
  • Turbine covers
  • Lower and upper rings
  • Discharge rings
  • Shaft wear rings


  • Blades
  • Guide vane ring
  • Radial bearing
  • Crank
  • Crank pin
  • Protective sleeve
Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy


Using municipal waste as a fuel source causes great stress to the metallic components of the boiler. The hot fumes which contain aggressive contaminants, in particular chloride and low melting point ashes, come in contact with the walls of the tubes before they are cleaned quickly deteriorating the exposed surfaces.

We developed two main types of protective coatings to prolong the life of these valuable components: Flameclad based on Cladding technologies and Flameseal based on a patented combination of Thermal Spray and Slurry technologies.

Waste to Energy treated components:

  • Post combustion chamber
  • Super heater
  • Grates
  • Sludge dryer
Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines


Wind energy faces some hard environmental conditions. Among these are atmospheric pollution, hail and dust; all of which wear the mechanical components.

Components involved in wind energy industry must be able to resist wear and corrosion. We offer a wide range of thermal spray coating to assure less breakdowns, increased reliability and less unplanned maintenance.

  • Coating parts on various sizes
  • Worldwide on-site coating

Wind turbines treated components:

  • Bearings
  • Gearboxes
  • Shaft
  • Tower
  • Generator

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