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HVOF coatings


Coatings sprayed by HVOF have superior characteristics in comparison with other thermal spray processes.

Air Plasma Spray (APS)

Air Plasma Spray (APS)

Achieve superior protection with our advanced air plasma spray thermal barrier and wear resistant coatings.

Diffusion coating

Diffusion coating

Flame Spray offers a complete range of diffusion coatings including platinum aluminide and si-modified aluminide.

Cold Spray

Cold Spray

Unleashing the Power of Cold Spray: Next-Level Coating Solutions for Superior Performance.


MCrAlY Stripping

Efficient and Effective Chemical Stripping of MCrAlY and Aluminides Coatings

Cooling, holes drilling (laser + EDM)

Cooling holes drilling (laser + EDM)

Laser Ablation and EDM Drill Holes in Thermal Barrier Coatings for Effective Cooling.

Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results.

We have been bringing Thermal Spray coatings all over the world for years, thanks to specialized teams that work directly on site.

We perform coating jobs on the field and provide our support when preliminary machining or finishing is needed, as is the case for this big-sized gas turbine component.

flame spray coatings


Expo Energia Peru 2024

Flame Spray SpA will be exhibiting at the upcoming Expo Energía Perú 2024, 24-25 June, in Lima, Peru!
Come and talk to the team about our unique range of coating technologies, we’re here to help!

flame spray facilities

Facilities around the world to help your operation

  • Roncello - Italy
  • Montefino - Italy
  • Morra De Sanctis - Italy
  • Szada - Hungary
  • Varaždin - Croatia
  • Fountain Inn - USA
  • Al-Khobar - Saudi Arabia
  • Almaty City - Kazakhstan